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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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  1. Program Materials

    This program material looks at the current changes, illustrated with several examples, and provides an outlook as to how the future of legal services could be. The panelists present best practice examples and provide insight on how their legal departments are preparing for the evolution of the legal service industry.

  2. Program Materials

    Learn best practices and receive actionable advice on compliance program benchmarking and monitoring, including: how to compile critical compliance program data to accurately assess and measure program effectiveness; key takeaways that can (and should) be gleaned from a benchmarking exercise; and using compliance software to establish and maintain a cost-efficient and effective compliance program (includes meeting the “Morgan Stanley” defense). Learn how to design quantifiable, meaningful metrics that your Audit Committee and enforcement agencies will understand and appreciate. Discuss the criteria you should be benchmarking your program against, as well as the key monitoring priorities. Learn how to collect the data and begin using it to improve your compliance program.

  3. Program Materials

    If you’re ready to move to value-based fee structures, you know that you need to collaborate with your outside counsel to drive efficiency. This session will focus on process management – specifically disaggregating processes to determine which pieces can be improved, making sure that legal knowledge is being leveraged (not re-invented), and making better decisions about who should be doing which piece of the work. We’ll examine internal and external staffing options, include out-sourcing and off-shoring, and connect the options to value-based fee structures that you may be considering.

  • Most Recent Resources
    Paula Pagano, Business Management Specialist/VP, Legal Operations, TD Bank
    2 pages

    Covid-19 has profoundly rewritten the rules and beliefs of what the workspace should be before the pandemic hit the entire nation. "Pandemic Life" has forever changed the way we think, how we travel, personal interactions and of course, how we work. The impact Covid has had on today's workforce has brought many changes in the way employers and employees interact with one another. Something that started as a temporary work-from-home scenario quickly changed into a two-year mandatory remote work situation.

    Resource Details
    Interest Area: Law Department Management
    Region: Global
    Audience: Deputy GC, Mid-Career, New to In-House, Legal Operations, Small Law Departments, Large Law Departments
    1 person found this helpful.
    Stephanie Corey, Co-founder and CEO, UpLevel Ops and Casey Flaherty Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, LexFusion
    7 pages

    Savings is not a strategy. Imagine a CEO opening an earnings call by celebrating the money the company “saved” on deal counsel and due diligence by not moving forward with an otherwise strategically vital acquisition. The stock would crater because leadership would rightly be judged as majoring in the minors.

    As a line item, legal spend is a minor consideration. Rather, legal spend is better characterized as a relatively small investment that enables the business to execute on what matters.

    Legal spend should be dictated by business needs. Those business needs are only escalating with the explosion in legal complexity. The increasingly law-thick environment in which businesses operate is having a profound impact on corporate top lines, bottom lines, valuations, and strategic opportunities. Trying to save money on legal is myopic—and excruciatingly common.

    Resource Details
    Interest Area: Law Department Management
    Audience: Legal Operations
    Association of Corporate Counsel
    58 pages

    This report provides a summary of the use of technology within legal departments, based on a survey conducted in autumn 2020 at the behest of the Tools & Technology Interest Group of ACC Legal Operations.

    Resource Details
    Region: Global
    Audience: Legal Operations

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